Believing in what isn’t proved

Every day I enjoy looking up which famous people have a birthday, and on December 20 I saw it was Uri Geller’s 75th.

Geller’s fame comes from numerous television appearances where he demonstrated his alleged psychic abilities. Although the late magician James (“The Amazing”) Randi seemed to expose Geller as…

When they want you to think it says something it doesn’t.

I sometimes jokingly sound conspiratorial, dropping a line like “That’s what THEY want you to think!” or “But THEY’LL never tell you that!” when “THEY” are a secret powerful cabal that wants to control what we think. We can’t prove “THEY” exist, but nobody can really prove they don’t.


Feeling thankful for those who are, and were, in my life

Some of these remarks were spoken at a family reunion this past summer, during a time to honor departed members of the extended family. I had thought about turning them into an essay, and now is the right time.

A friend and spiritual mentor, whom I’ve known for just over…

No one else can control your attitude.

I’m in a book club that recently wrapped up discussion on Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl’s autobiographical account of his experiences in Nazi concentration camps. Upon reflection, my mind went back to the Bible, which, when stripped of religious dogma, contains much wisdom.

For instance, Frankl makes me think…

James Leroy Wilson

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