James Leroy Wilson
4 min readMay 25, 2023

Do you really believe in Authority?

  1. In an empire, the “use of force” is so commonplace that to cast doubt on the moral integrity of its leaders, calling them “mass murderers” isn’t enough. We have to call them “pedophiles” or something like that.
  2. “There is no anti-fascism under empire.” — Angela Keaton. What DOES exist is the denial that the government of the United States of America is an empire. Those who still call it a “republic” or a “democracy” will call their political foes fascist.
  3. Empire is as empire does. That’s why Australia’s Julian Assange is in a British prison even though he broke no laws in either country. He’s there because Trump wanted him there, and so does Biden.
  4. The American Empire is part of an axis of evil with Israel and Saudi Arabia to keep all other countries in the Middle East weak and destabilized. For example, the reason for sanctions against Iran is to keep Iranians poor. And therefore its tax base is poor. This is to prevent the development of not only its military but its domestic infrastructure, such as climate-friendly nuclear energy.
  5. About the “pedophiles:” If something about that is true, perhaps the Empire’s policy in Eastern Europe is to keep it sufficiently poor and unstable so that white girls can be more easily trafficked. My own Facebook ads include “Ukranian women want to meet you!”
  6. Under the name “Democracy,” the American Empire has committed so many atrocities abroad and against the American people, that it’s surprising “Democracy” isn’t rejected in the same way people reject Christianity because of the Crusades and Inquisitions.
  7. Why has anyone ever trusted the FBI? “OUR country’s secret police does the right thing.” That’s American Exceptionalism at its funniest.
  8. At its far most “leftist” point, the Democratic Party is a center-right party. And that’s being generous. Democrats have continuously renewed surveillance programs that J. Edgar Hoover could never have imagined.
  9. To call current divisions “tribalism” seems to me somewhat, if not overtly, racist. What did the American military wipe out in the 19th century? Tribes. Indigenous tribes only wanted to be left alone and survive. Tribalism wasn’t the problem. Tribes weren’t taking away anyone’s freedom. And if they did, that was entirely on a local level and outside U.S. jurisdiction.
  10. Money isn’t a natural resource. It has no environmental impact. If…



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