Defeating demons

God just wants to have fu-un.

James Leroy Wilson


Would you want this in your brain? (Photo: André Karwath aka Aka)

What is to love someone, but to desire that they’re happy? That they enjoy life? That they feel good? That they’re having fun?

I’ve been thinking about this today as I encountered two creators whose work is largely inspired by Neville Goddard. Reddit’s “allismind” wrote, “The Highest Spiritual Practice is to Have Fun.” I commented:

The ends are the means, and “feeling is the secret.” We desire something because we believe it would bring more pleasure or fun. We must be the person we would be if the desire was fulfilled. That is, we must have more fun!

Tom Kearin’s Be Something Wonderful YouTube video today told stories of two people whose lives changed when they decided to have fun. Each decided that they would stop condemning or trying to change external reality because that was no fun. In Tom’s words, “They moved to the idea that Source just wants to have fun.”

Or, to steal from Cyndi Lauper, God just wants to have fu-un.

I’m also currently reading Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Among its insights:

“Well-Being is the only Stream that flows. You can allow or disallow this Stream, but when you allow it, you are well; and when you disallow it, you are sick.”


“You have the option of remembering something that pleased you or remembering something that displeased you. You have the option of anticipating something you want or anticipating something you do not want.”

That is, you can always choose the fun option at any moment.

It’s true that the external world can rough you up. Car collisions, food poisoning, all sorts of mishaps. Things happen out of the blue that you can’t control. But in response to misfortune, you can still choose to enjoy life as much as you can. Specifically, you can feel like you’re having fun in your imagination.

But if so, why is it that some people — many people — still dwell in negative thoughts and feelings? Why don’t they see the good, the enjoyable, or the most fun aspects of their lives and build on them?



James Leroy Wilson

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