Week 11 NFL MVP Chase and Picks

James Leroy Wilson
3 min readNov 15, 2022

Who has my vote?

Welcome to the MVP Chase, where I look for, or chase, the best objective criteria in determining greatness without personal bias.

Today’s topics: NFL MVP Chase and Week 11 picks

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We’re back to a crowded field in the NFL MVP race!

In review, to earn an MVP point in a game:

  • A quarterback must have a 100.0+ passer rating in a win or tie.
  • A back or receiver must have 100+ yards from scrimmage in a win or tie.
  • Multiple players on the same team can earn an MVP point in the same game.

The consensus pick in the media for MVP might be Patrick Mahomes at this point, and I have him one point behind the leaders. An argument for Mahomes is that the Chiefs keep chugging along after losing their most dangerous receiver, Tyreek Hill. Tua Tagoaviola, tied for the MVP Chase lead, acquired Hill, who’s leading the league in receiving yards, and that has certainly helped Tua’s game.

It can also be pointed out that the Dolphins are 7–0 when Tua plays a complete game and 0–3 when he was (famously) knocked out and missed two subsequent games. Even if he’s being helped by a perfect situation of coaching, scheme, and surrounding talent, he’s playing as efficiently as any quarterback ever has, and that is to his credit.

Justin Jefferson is 88 yards behind Hill, having played one less game. He’s contributed 100 or more yards in six of eight Viking victories (and 98 yards in another). Jefferson’s on a Vikings team that’s 7–0 in one-score games and that’s tied for the best record in the league.

In the NFL, MVP voters can vote for just one player; there is no “weighted voting” for multiple players. If you’re voting for just one, I don’t see a strong enough case to go against the best player on the winningest team.

My pick after ten weeks would be Justin Jefferson.

6 MVP Points, 2 players



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