What we know about Moses

Exodus 2

James Leroy Wilson


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I’m reading Young’s Literal Translation (YLT) and the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV).

The Midianites presumably descended from Midian, a son of Abraham through his second wife Keturah. Although centuries had passed, it could be assumed that the Midianites had more or less the same religion or belief system as Israel.

Moses had::

  • the education of an Egyptian upbringing
  • an Identity as a Hebrew, from which he could empathize with the oppression of his kin
  • knowledge of what life is like outside of Egypt.

If my conclusions from Genesis are true, and that God resides in consciousness, then perhaps it was Moses himself who “heard” the groaning of the Hebrews and remembered the Covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

A side observation: one thing I’m wondering is if there were any male Hebrews of the approximate age of Moses. For example, when Moses broke up the fight between two Hebrews, would they have been older than him?

After all, around the time of Moses’s birth they were all to be killed, weren’t they? One wonders if the policy turned out to be impractical or was intended to have an expiration date. Was the purpose to get rid of Israelite slaves, or only to make sure there weren’t too many of them?

I wonder if this is a detail that will be ignored as unimportant or will come up later.

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