Who saves you?

Most suffering is in the imagination.

James Leroy Wilson
2 min readApr 19, 2022


Welcome to Daily Miracles, a running commentary on the 365 lessons of A Course in Miracles, an influential spiritual text from the 1970s. I am James Leroy Wilson and I invite you to join me as I go through this material for the first time.


My salvation comes from me. (ACIM, W-70)

Money doesn’t save me. The right drugs won’t save me. The right physical or psychological therapy treatments won’t save me. Politicians won’t save me, nor will the right form of government. Weeding out corruption and error in relgiions won’t save me. The right romantic partner won’t save me.

Not even the right book can save me.


Because the only thing I need to be saved from are ideas held in my own mind. That is, in my own imagination.

With rare instances of painful illnesses and injuries, all my suffering has been due to my own thoughts about the past and the future. In a way, the physical suffering is like a vacation from it, because the mind becomes focused on the body, on the present and all other cares are washed away.

But we don’t need to physically suffer to wash away those cares. We can just wash them away.

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